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Seasons 52 Autumn Menu Tasting!

Last week, BRINK was invited to attend taste the new autumn menu from Seasons 52. The name precedes itself and we knew we were in for a treat.

Things started off to vivacious start with a live visual feed of the chefs from Seasons 52. We were invited to ask questions using a special twitter hashtag (very progressive!) and to ask throughout the night. This was a great opening moment for the evening.

The four course meal started things off right with the Grilled Portobello Mushroom and Five Cheese Flatbread. The flatbread had just the right amount of each ingredient and you could truly taste each one as it hit your pallet. This was followed by the Maple Leaf Farms Sesame Duck Salad. As a vegetarian, I opted out but fellow BRINK blogger Steve had to share the following:

The duck salad could’ve been eaten as a meal on its own. Something I may not have ordered normally, but will be ordering in the future.

As a vegetarian, I assumed I would be out of luck for a few items. Not the case. Once I instructed the wonderful staff that I was a vegetarian, the chef swooped in out of nowhere and asked if he could make me something special. I did not say no! I never asked to see the chef or for any special treatment, he was all if a sudden there and he was offering. Service was impeccable.

The vegetarian dish came shortly after and it was a vision of vibrant colors and tasty creations. From carrots and brussles sprouts to tabbouleh and an amazing tofu, the whole dish was an absolute delight.

The evening had our tastes on a full on assault throughout the night. Ahi Tuna Seared Rare, Manchester Farms Grilled Quail, Organic Salmon Roasted on Cedar Plank , Roasted Harvest Squash Trio, and Half Moon Brussel Sprouts all greeted us with a beautiful presentation and the taste was tender, delicious and bursting with flavor.

The desserts at Seasons were perfect. Each mini indulgence tackles a different taste bud. From lemon, chocolate and mocha to the seasonal pumpkin (pictured above), there was no mistaking the quality and craftsmanship that went into each little indulgence. Hands down amazing.

Each offering was paired with a wine. The Riesling that was paired with the appetizer was an amazing contrast of sweet and salty that worked with every note. The remainder of the evening followed suit.

Lastly, the knowledge and expertise of the entire staff was phenomenal. Reece, our host went on to explain how deep Seasons is involved with the quality of their food and ingredients. Reece also stressed the importance of their service to guests. All of the above was evident from the moment I walked in. And I’ll continue to walk in throughout the seasons.

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